Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Analysis of Anchored Slopes Using the Strength-reduction Method and Limit-equilibrium Method

Volume 16, No. 3, 2022
Received: 2022/02/12, Accepted: 2022/05/08


Moamen Abd El Raouf;


Ground anchors are used as earth reinforcement to stabilize unstable landslides and slopes. The finite element strength reduction method (FESRM) was used to study the influence of some parameters on the factor of safety of slopes , displacement value and the critical slip surfaces under the condition of the plane strain such as the anchor inclination angle, position of the anchor and the number of the anchor's rows (one row, or two rows). The results of the finite element strength reduction method were compared with the results of the limit equilibrium methods (Bishop�s method and Spencer's method). The results of this analysis revealed that the finite element strength reduction method (FESRM) is very applicable to evaluate the stability of reinforced and unreinforced slopes. The angle ranging from 10∘ to 15∘ is the optimum inclination angle to increase the factor of safety and decrease the displacement. The anchor position had a considerable effect on determination of the critical slip surfaces and the optimum location of anchor is at (x/L) =0.4.


anchors; slope stability; limit equilibrium method; Strength reduction method.