Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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An Integrated geophysical Investigation for Detecting Seepage-prone Zones in the Basement of a Building

Volume 18, No. 2, 2024
Received: 2023/07/06, Accepted: 2024/01/25


Sanjay Rana; Varun Narayan Mishra; Praveen Kumar Rai;


The underground basement of a building is highly affected by anomalous seepage problem. It is of great importance to detect seepage-prone regions for targeted remedy. This letter discusses the hands-on application of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Self-Potential (SP) method used as innovative combination to study seepage-prone zones in a basement of building. Simulated responses of various seepage zones have been generated based on several significant factors. For better visualization, all 2D radargrams of a block were combined to produce 3D model using GPR Slice software to distinguish various features at different depths. Higher positive SP values shows the presence of high moisture or seepage prone region. Conclusively, the combined method of GPR and SP is trustworthy for conducting quick and effective inspection of seepage prone regions and probable source point for detailed characterization of the basement of a building.


GPR; SP; Geophysical methods; Seepage; Basement