Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Construction Project Cost Estimation in Egypt

Volume 15, No. 3, 2021
Received: 2021/06/29, Accepted:


Ahmed H. Ibrahim; Lamiaa M. Elshwadfy;


An accurate cost estimate is very important for the success of any construction project. This study aims to identify and rank the factors affecting the accuracy of cost estimation in construction projects in Egypt. From the literature review, seventy factors were identified. A questionnaire survey was carried out among 106 contractors and consultants. Relative importance index, Kendall's coefficient and coefficient of variation were used to analyze data. The results revealed that the most significant factors affecting cost estimates are clear and detailed drawings, specifications and project documentation, experience and skill level of cost estimator, completeness of cost information (accuracy, quality and details), materials (prices, availability, quality and imports) and experience on similar projects.


Construction cost estimation, Estimation accuracy, Construction industry, Egypt.