Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Integrated Detection and Restoration Program of Water Gushing Induced Cracks in Shield Segments for Xi'an Metro in China

Volume 11, No. 2, 2017
Received: 2017/03/06, Accepted:


J.L. Qiu; J.X. Lai; H.B. Fan; C. Liu;


Various forms of damage, such as cracks, breakages and dislocations of shield tunnel segments, exert negative effects on the structure stress during the operation of a tunnel. Based on the water gushing accident that occurred in a section of a shield tunnel between North Street Station and Wulukou Station of a Xi’an subway, the segment damage caused by water gushing and the sources of damage were analyzed through field investigation, ground penetrating radar (GPR) detection, ultrasonic crack detection and displacement monitoring. Two treatment schemes are proposed on that basis: the balloon injection for concrete structures (BICS) method was used in the treatment of segment cracks, while reinforcing steel mesh and high-performance polymer mortar were used to treat the dislocation. The evaluation indicates that the treatment plans have met the expectations. Thus, the treatments used for other similar engineering damages can be improved by the results of this study.


Xi'an metro, Segment, Monitoring, BICS, Shield tunnel, Crack