Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Symmetric Conditions for Strain Analysis in a Long Thick Cylinder under Internal Pressure Using NASIR Unstructured GFVM Solver

Volume 5, No. 2, 2011
Received: 2011/03/08, Accepted:


S.R. Sabbagh-Yazdi; M. Esmaili; M.T. Alkhamis;


Utilization of symmetric condition in NASIR Galerkin Finite Volume Method for linear triangular element unstructured meshes is introduced for numerical solution of two dimensional strain and stress fields in a long thick cylinder section. The developed shape function free Galerkin Finite Volume structural solver explicitly computes stresses and displacements in Cartesian coordinate directions for the two- dimensional solid mechanic problems under either static or dynamic loads. The accuracy of the introduced algorithm is assessed by comparison of computed results of a thick cylinder under internal fluid pressure load with analytical solutions. The performance of the solver for taking advantage of symmetric conditions is presented by computation of stress and strain contours on a half and a quarter of the cylinder section.


Symmetric condition, Unstructured finite volume method, Unstructured linear triangular element, Strain-stress solver, Thick cylinders