Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Evaluation of 2008 Traffic Safety Policies in Jordan

Volume 6, No. 1, 2012
Received: 2012/01/18, Accepted:


Khalid A. Ghuzlan; Ghazi G. Al-Khateeb; Mai Haddad;


The problem of traffic accidents is a major problem in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and represents a serious safety and economic challenge for the state. Traffic accidents are considered the second leading cause of death. This paper evaluated the impacts of the traffic policies undertaken in 2008 on traffic accidents and fatalities, including the intensification of police enforcement and implementation of traffic law with stiff penalty levels. To accomplish this objective, accidents’ data of 1990 through 2009 were obtained from Jordan Traffic Institute and other related sources. Results of analysis revealed that Jordan has experienced huge human and economic losses as well as social and emotional negative impacts. Furthermore, the safety policy measures undertaken in 2008, including the intensification of police enforcement and the increase of penalties for excessive speed had an overall positive influence in reducing accidents and fatalities. However, the application of 2007 traffic policy with stiffer penalties was the most effective measure. Finally, it is highly recommended to reapply 2007 traffic law with stiffer penalties since it contributed in reducing accidents and fatalities more than 2008 traffic law. In addition, it is recommended to apply all the needed safety polices to reduce the traffic accidents phenomenon in Jordan.