Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Determination of Expansion Factors to Estimate Average Annual Daily Traffic for Arterials in Amman

Volume 12, No. 3, 2018
Received: 2018/05/14, Accepted:


Maisa Al Maaiteh; Rana Imam;


Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) is an important traffic parameter used in transportation infrastructure planning, as well as in related research activities, such as air quality modeling or noise and vibration modeling. The main objective of this research is to provide expansion factors for arterials in Amman, including the Hourly Expansion Factor (HEF), Weekly Expansion Factor (WEF) and Monthly Expansion Factor (MEF), which can be used to provide an accurate estimate of AADT from available short-term traffic counts. The analysis was conducted on 8 arterials and 8 intersections in Amman. The obtained expansion factors were validated through random sampling of existing traffic data from permanent traffic counting stations in Amman. Finally, AADT was generated by applying the identified expansion factors and then comparing the values obtained with values described in literature and previous studies using comparable methods for similar roadways. The identified pfactors and expansion factors were found to be compatible to the factors obtained and described in literature.


Average annual daily traffic, Expansion factors, Amman arterials, Traffic volume, Short-term traffic counts