Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Predicting Sedimentation at Mujib Dam Reservoir in Jordan

Volume 6, No. 4, 2012
Received: 2012/09/26, Accepted:


Abbas Z. Ijam; Mohammad H. Al-Mahamid;


Reservoir sedimentation is a severe problem facing dams causing the decrease of active water storage which is the main purpose of the construction of dams. Mujib dam, constructed in Jordan in 2003, was selected to estimate the quantity of sedimentation in its reservoir. Arc-View Soil and Water Assessment Tool (AVSWAT) model was used to simulate Mujib dam catchment area. The results of this study identified the quantity of water and sediment inflow to the reservoir. They also identified the regions of high soil erosion, sediment yield and delivery ratio in order to manage these regions by applying techniques which reduce these values in sequence to decrease the sediment yield reaching the reservoir.


Sediment yield, Erosion, Water-Soil model, Dams, Mujib, Jordan