Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Study on Compatibility Evaluation Method of EC120 Warm Mix Asphalt Binder

Volume 11, No. 1, 2017
Received: 2016/12/13, Accepted:


Kefei Liu; Chaofan Wu;


The comparability between two modifiers (SBS and EC120) and 70#A basic asphalt was studied. The research was carried out by several approaches: solubility parameter calculation, difference of segregation softening point test, differential scanning calorimetry and atomic force microscope scanning. The results showed that the solubility parameter can not reflect the influence of molecular weight on polymer compatibility. Moreover, due to multi-phase structures with high molecular weight, for both the asphalt and some modifiers, the two blended structures are too complex to apply Hildebrand formula. The addition of EC120 into basic asphalt does not only make glass-transition temperature increase , but also changes the shape of endothermic peak curve significantly, which indicates that EC120 has good compatibility with basic asphalt. The compatibility between modifier and basic asphalt decreases with the addition of SBS and EC120.


Road engineering, Warm mix asphalt, Compatibility, Solubility parameter, Atomic force microscope