Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Stabilization of Problematic Expansive Clays using Polypropylene Fiber Reinforcement

Volume 16, No. 4, 2022
Received: 2021/06/22, Accepted: 2022/08/21


Muhammad Hamza; Nie Zhihong; Muhammad Faizan Madni;


This experimental study examines the efficacy of the inclusion of randomly distributed polypropylene fiber (PP) reinforcement on the engineering properties of expansive clays. The effect of PP fiber inclusions (0%‒0.8%) on compaction, unconfined compressive strength (UCS), elastic modulus (E50), California bearing ratio (CBR), and swell‒consolidation parameters of test soil were explored. Experimental results showed significant improvement in the strength parameters of treated soils with an optimal fiber content at about 0.4% by weight of soil. The swell‒consolidation parameters were also observed to be significantly ameliorated in fiber-reinforced samples. Test results indicate that the use of PP fiber as a reinforced stabilizer for expansive clays not only benefits the sustainable utilization of fiber wastes in soil stabilization but also reduces the environmental footprint globally.


Polypropylene fibers; expansive clays; UCS; CBR; swelling; consolidation; soil stabilization