Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Traffic Accidents in Jordan

Volume 3, No. 4, 2009
Received: 2009/08/30, Accepted:


Hashem R. Al-Masaeid;


In Jordan, traffic accidents constitute a major health problem. They are considered the second leading cause of death. This paper investigated the characteristics of traffic accidents in Jordan and evaluated the safety impact of policy measures undertaken in 2008, including intensification of police enforcement and implementation of traffic law with stiff penalty levels. To accomplish these objectives, accidents’ data of 1998 through 2007 were obtained from Jordan Traffic Institute and other related sources. Results of analysis revealed that Jordan has experienced huge human and economic losses as well as social and emotional negative impacts. Children, young and elderly have been exposed to an elevated pedestrian accident risk. Young drivers of ages less than 25 years and elderly of ages over 60 years are over-involved in accidents. Carelessness and aggressive driving behavior were the major causes of traffic accidents. The results of analysis also indicated that motorization level can be used to explain variations in traffic accidents and fatalities. Furthermore, intensifying of traffic enforcement and implementing traffic law with stiff penalty levels were found to have a strong positive safety impact on accidents and fatalities. Finally, it is recommended to restructure and empower the Higher Council for Traffic Safety to be able to draw a comprehensive strategy with clear vision and rational safety policies to tackle the traffic accidents’ problem.


Traffic accidents, Safety measures, Jordan.