Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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Integrating a Multi-Criteria Route Optimization with ArcGIS for Gravel Road Data Collection

Volume 17, No. 1, 2023
Received: 2022/05/10, Accepted: 2022/09/01


Omar Albatayneh; Dima Husein Malkawi; Er Yue; Benjamin Fosu-Saah; Khaled Ksaibati;


The ability to identify and collect low-volume road data, especially gravel roads, is critical in transportation planning. Developing an effective method for gravel road data collection allows both decision-makers and local agencies to efficiently obtain information regarding road conditions. In this study, a geographical information system (GIS)-based decision support system was applied to assist local agencies in determining reliable access routes to all gravel roads in Wyoming. The routing criteria were developed using the Network Analyst tool of ArcGIS software based on the restrictions on average daily traffic (ADT) volume values, speed limits, driving distances, and driving hours per day. Results indicated that the routing maps created by ArcGIS software were an easy-to-use method to plan and schedule data collection on gravel roads. The routing analysis provided a reliable means to minimize driving time and distance. The methodology developed in this study may be employed by local transportation agencies for road maintenance purposes in rural areas


Low volume roads; Gravel roads; Route optimization; ArcGIS; Data collection