Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

A Study of Noise Pollution in Zarqa and Irbid, Jordan


Heba Al-Shobaki; Ahmad Jamrah;


Zarqa and Irbid, Jordan are two of the most populated cities. They are environmentally noise polluted due to the rapid and widespread introduction of mechanical methods for production of goods and equipment and for their transportation. L10, L50, L90 and LAeq noise levels were measured during the day time and night time to assess and evaluate the noise levels from mosques, schools, celebration halls, streets, construction and building works, industrial areas and commercial areas. This -coupled with a social survey- were conducted in the two cities to understand the physiological and psychological effect of noise on people, and to study the extent of annoyance on people. There is a significant correlation between the measured statistical noise levels L10, L50 and L90 and equivalent continuous noise level LAeq, and this correlation differs from Zarqa to Irbid due to the differences in noise levels that can be explained by the differences in the nature of traffic in these cities. The results of the investigation showed that the measured noise levels from all the selected sources were high during the day time and night time, and the noise problem is not only limited to day time, but continues in night time in these cities, and a sound at night may be more annoying than that heard during the day. And these noise levels were higher than those set by Jordanian limits during day time and night time. Also, the results indicated that Zarqa city is somehow noisier than Irbid city during both the day time and night time hours. The results of the social survey revealed that the exposure to high noise levels will affect the people in terms of annoyance depending mainly on the individuals, sleep disturbances, effect on the ability to work, loss of concentration, and will affect the health and cause hearing problems. Also, the results indicated that the gender type, age, educational level and employment state are directly related to their annoyance level and awareness about the noise problems.


Noise pollution, Sound levels, Annoyance, Social survey.