Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Effect of Shear Stresses on Failure of Fibrous Composite Materials Accounting for Nonlinear Material Behavior


Ghazi Abu-Farsakh;


Variation of shear stresses  xy on failure behavior of different composite materials was investigated for two types of composites; Boron-Epoxy Narmco 5505 and Carbon-Epoxy AS4 (3501-6). The effect of material nonlinearity on failure behavior of unidirectional fibrous composite laminates was considered for several fiber-orientation angles; ϴ=15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 degrees. An energy-based nonlinear material model was adopted to predict the mechanical properties of a unidirectional composite lamina. A compatible failure criterion for nonlinear composite materials was utilized which incorporates the material model into the failure criterion. The resulting failure envelopes were compared for all the cases.


Shear stress, Failure envelope, Composite material, Nonlinear behavior, Fiberorientation