Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Performance of Ternary Blended Concrete and Binary Concrete Made with Perlite Powder at Elevated Temperatures


K. Varun Teja; T. Meena;


Concrete is a widely known construction material that has been engineered to obtain certain desirable mechanical and durability properties. This research aims at studying the applicability of Perlite Powder (PP) as a partial replacement material of cement. Furthermore, this material possesses resistance to elevated temperatures. In the present study, the researchers has worked on two diferent types of concrete viz., Ternary Blended Concrete (TBC) by partially replacing cement with PP and Silica Fume (SF) and a Binary Concrete (BC) made by replacing PP partially alone with cement. In addition to Normal Concrete (NC), different mixes were prepared by replacimg cement with 1%, 3%, 5% and 7% of PP, whereas SF with 10% is maintained constant in all TBC mixes and PP is varied from 1% to 7% with an increment of 2%. In addition to room temperature, the specimens were exposed to different elevated temperatures, such as 200°C, 400°C, 600°C and 800°C, respectively. Experimental studies, like compression test, XRD, SEM, EDAX and TGA-DTA analyses, were conducted. The results of these experiments concluded BC with 5% replacement of PP to possess maximum strength as well as better thermal properties.


Silica fume, Perlite powder, Elevated temperatures, XRD analysis, SEM, EDAX analysis, TG-DTA.