Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Landslide Hazards : Geotechnical Aspects and Management Policies


Yousef M. Masannat;


The landslides that frequently occur in the hilly areas in Jordan, particularly along the roads and highway routes during the years of intense rainfalls, resulted in a substantial increase in the cost of projects and delay in their completion, in addition to the deportation of people affected or endangered by landslides from their homes. The paper discusses the common characteristics of the landslide-prone areas in Jordan as well as the main causes of slides and their consequences. It discusses the role of site investigation and monitoring systems in reducing the hazard intensity as well as the total cost of construction. Classification of landslideprone areas, according to the level of risk and cost of prevention/mitigation measures into prohibitive, restricted and regulated areas is suggested. This classification aims at controlling the construction activities in the areas susceptible to landslides risks. The different components of landslide risk management are defined and discussed with the suggestion of establishing a National Hazard Management Board to be responsible for drafting of landslides risk management policies.