Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Architectural Mud Brick Prototypes As Efficient and Sustainable Shelters for the Low-Income Group in Jordan


Abu-Hammad, N.O;


In Jordan, a wide spectrum of the population is classified as low, to middle-income groups, and therefore most of them cannot own proper housing, taking into consideration health, environment and cost factors. The current study examines the possibility of exploring the potential of using the locally available materials, particularly in the poor and remote areas, to construct housing systems at low cost, but with acceptable standard. Several housing units (prototypes) have been proposed to accommodate the variable demands and needs of the end-user taking the limited financial resources into account. The study concludes the suitability of using the adobe techniques in constructing such housing models at low cost and without harming the surrounding environments.


Dwelling, Mud, Prototype, Adobe, Architecture, Low-cost housing, Jordan