Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Empirical Equations to Predict Inelastic Dynamic Drift of Single-story Steel Moment - resisting Frames Subjected to Blast


Nima Khaledy;


Inelastic dynamic analysis of structures under blast loading involves complexities that limit its usage for practical purposes. Therefore, developing simplified analysis methods is of great interest for many researchers. In the present research, a simplified method is developed to approximate the inelastic drifts of one-story steel moment-resisting frames subjected to blast. First, a methodology is proposed based on nonlinear dynamic finite element analysis. The proposed method is then applied to 1600 one-story steel moment-resisting frames to derive the nonlinear drifts. Abaqus/Explicit solver is utilized for this purpose. After analyzing 1600 frames with various properties, regression analysis is performed and some empirical equations and graphs are developed. After developing the empirical equations, the accuracy and applicability of the equations are evaluated through 8 additional cases. The results show that the developed equations have relatively good accuracies and can be used in practical applications. Using the developed method, inelastic drifts can be approximated without the need to perform any structural analysis.


Blast, Inelastic drift, Dynamic analysis, Curve fitting.