Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Experimental Study of Using Ferro-Cement and Steel Plates in Repairing Reinforced Concrete Beams


Abodi J. Talib; Abbas A. Ghanim; Mahmmod L. Mohammed Ridha;


This paper presents an experimental study of repairing reinforced concrete beams by two methods: the first one by using U-layer of Ferro-cement mortar (2 layers of ferro-mesh) and the second one by using steel plates (two approaches were used: straight layer and U-layer). The present study includes testing seven specimens of reinforced concrete beams. All beams have rectangular section of dimensions (250 mm x 150 mm) and (2 m) effective span on simple supports. The beam specimens other than control beam (B1) were divided into two groups. The first group of beams were loaded until (50%) of the ultimate load, de-loaded and repaired by the two mentioned methods (ferro-cement and steel plates), then these beams were reloaded up to failure.The second group of beams were loaded until (75%) of the ultimate load, de-loaded, repaired and reloaded up to failure. The results proved that beams repaired by ferro-cement showed improved performance, but were less efficient than those repaired by using steel plates. Also, using U-layer of steel plates in repairing reinforced concrete beams is more effective than using straight steel plates, especially for beams repaired after 75% loading of the ultimate load.


Repair, Ferro-cement, Steel plates, Reinforced concrete, Epoxy, Flexure