Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Rehabilitation of Fire-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Slabs Using Ferro-cement


Raneen Aldarf; Muneeb Al-Allaf; Abdulrazak Salem; Hani Meree;


This study investigated the effectiveness of Ferro-cement in rehabilitating fire-damaged reinforced concrete slabs. A single layer of Ferro-cement with a thickness of 25 mm was applied to the entire damaged underside surface of the slabs. The behavior of the reinforced slabs after reinforcement was studied to determine the effectiveness and capacity of the added Ferro-cement layer in restoring the slabs' load-bearing capacity and structural stability. The research included a set of concrete slabs that were exposed to direct fire using a gas furnace for one hour. These slabs were gradually and suddenly cooled, and then rehabilitated using Ferro-cement with different bonding patterns. The bonding patterns were as follows: (1) SBR adhesive material and surface roughening of the damaged area, (2) SBR adhesive material, surface roughening, and 8 bolts, (3) SBR adhesive material and 12 bolts, (4) SBR adhesive material and 16 bolts. All the slabs were simply supported from all sides and subjected to concentrated external loads. The results indicate that all bonding patterns (rough and non-rough surfaces) of the Ferro-cement significantly contributed to improving the resistance of the damaged tiles and restoring their original strength compared to the undamaged tiles exposed to fire


Solid slab; Direct fire flame; Ferro-cement; Rehabilitate; SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber); Roughing