Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Mechanical Buckling Analysis of Functionally Graded Plates Using a New Refined Theory


Mokhtar Bouazza; Khaled Amara; Noureddine Benseddiq;


In the present article, equilibrium and stability equations of rectangular functionally graded plates are determined using the new hyperbolic shear deformation theory. Unlike any other theory, the theory presented gives rise to only four governing equations. Number of unknown functions involved is only four, as against five in case of simple shear deformation theories of Mindlin and Reissner (first shear deformation theory). It is assumed that the material properties vary with the power product form of thickness coordinate variable z. The equilibrium and stability equations are employed to study the buckling behavior of functionally graded plates with all edges simply supported and subjected to in-plane loading conditions. The results obtained are compared with their counterparts in the literature.


New plate theory, Shear deformable plate theory, Functionally graded plates, Mechanical buckling