Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Performance of Jordanian Masonry Cement for Construction Purposes


Rami Haddad; M. Jamal Shannag;


Laboratory tests were conducted to evaluate the performance of a newly produced Jordanian masonry cement by Jordan Cement Factories Company (Lafarge), and to identify the optimum mortar mixes best suited to different masonry applications. Tests conducted include air content, water retention and workability in the fresh state, compressive, flexural and tensile strengths, and capillary water absorption in the hardened state. Test results indicated that masonry mortar mixtures proposed in this investigation met the European and American standard requirements for water retention and air content. The use of hydrated lime in these mixtures resulted in reducing the compressive and flexural strengths without enhancing the workability. The strength test results also indicated that masonry mortars, prepared at an aggregate to cement ratio equal to or less than 4 on loose volume basis, can be successfully used for different masonry applications in Jordan.


Masonry cement, Mortar, Plastering bricks, Joints.