Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Improvement of Sandy Soil Using Materials of Sustainable Consideration


Athraa Alhassani;


The aim of this study is to examine the possibility of enhancing the mechanical characteristics of sandy soil by using environmentally friendly materials, such as cement kiln dust (CKD) and natural palm fibers. Different percentages of palm fibers of 0%, 0.5%, 1% and 1.5% (dry wt.) with a 12-mm length and an aspect ratio of 31.57 were utilized to reinforce plain soil and soil treated with 5% (dry wt.) of CKD. All investigated combinations underwent direct shear and CBR testing. Findings show that adding fiber to the soil improves the shear strength considerably up to a fiber content of around 1%, after which the rate of improvement diminishes. In comparison, palm fiber addition to CKD-treated soil significantly reduced shear strength. Additionally, the findings indicated that palm fibers improved the ductility of the soil and CKD-treated soil. CBR tests revealed that palm fiber improved the CBR value of reinforced soil up to a content of around 1%, beyond which it decreased. Adding palm fiber to CKD-treated soil reduced the CBR value almost at the same rate. The CBR test findings indicate a similar pattern for soaked and unsoaked samples.


Cement kiln dust (CKD), Palm fibers, Direct shear test, CBR test