Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Pedestrians' Vulnerability Considering Parental Status, Age, Sex and Crash Severity


H.M.N. Al-Madani;


This study attempts to test hypotheses related to child pedestrian casualties as per their parental living conditions as being together, separated, living without mothers or without fathers. These are analyzed according to the children age, sex and injury severity. The necessary data are taken from questionnaires administered by Directorate of Traffic in Bahrain. The questionnaires are filled out on scene by accident investigators for every pedestrian crash spread over a period of eight years. The actual traffic crash records were categorized according to the investigated characteristics considering their expected risk. The former frequencies were categorized according to the necessary investigated characteristics. Furthermore, they were compared to those expected as per their percentage presence in the society. The data were statistically analyzed using Chi-square tests to compare the actual crash frequencies to those expected in each subcategory. The findings revealed that children who are under 15 years of age and living with both parents are less exposed to traffic crashes compared to those living in families without mothers. Living with separated parents also leads to higher exposure to accidents. The effect of the latter on children exposure to crashes is even greater than living without fathers. While the absence of mothers from home increases the vulnerability of young male children who are under 15 years to traffic crashes, the absence of fathers increases the vulnerability of those who are between 16 to 20 years. Vulnerability of female children to crashes showed no significant differences for different living conditions. Many factors contribute in traffic crashes involving young pedestrians. The above findings assist the officials for better utilization of the resources in the field of traffic safety education, engineering solutions, roadway improvements and law enforcement.


Children Pedestrians, Vulnerability, Crash Exposure Rate, Parental Status, Sex.