Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Unconfined Compressive Strength of Bentonite - Lime-Phosphogypsum Mixture Reinforced with Sisal Fibers


Sujeet Kumar; Rakesh Kumar Dutta;


This paper presents the effect of sisal fibers on the unconfined compressive strength of bentonite. The present study is aimed at determining the behavior of bentonite-lime-phosphogypsum reinforced with sisal fibers in a random manner. The sisal fiber content was varied from 0.5 to 2 %. The results indicated that the unconfined compressive strength of bentonite can be increased by the addition of lime, phosphogypsum and sisal fibers. The increase in unconfined compressive strength was highest with 8 % lime, 8 % phosphogypsum and 1 % sisal fibers. The reference mix reinforced with sisal fibers was able to bear higher strains at failure as compared to bentonite and bentonite- lime-phosphogypsum mixture. With the increase in sisal fiber content (0.5 to 2 %) in reference mix, there was an increase in the unconfined compressive strength. The bentonite - lime-phosphogypsum-sisal fiber mixture will boost the construction of temporary roads on such problematic soils. Further, its use will also provide environmental motivation for providing a means of consuming large quantities of phosphogypsum and natural fibers.


Bentonite, Lime, Phosphogypsum, Unconfined compressive strength, Sisal fibers