Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Analysis of Air Pollutants’ Concentration in Terms of Traffic Conditions and Road Gradient in an Urban Area


Zaydoun Abusalem; Issam Odeh; Nabil Al-Hazim; Subhi M. Bazlamit; Amal Al-Saket;


This study focuses on the impact of traffic variables; vehicular speed, traffic volume and road gradient, that have a significant impact on vehicle emissions and the corresponding quantity of air pollutants. These factors are normally addressed when devising general and detailed urban plans. Such factors are normally used to assess the adverse effects resulting from motor vehicles dominating roads and highways, including environmental hazards, such as air and noise pollution. Moreover, they identify environmental impacts of road and traffic planning. The study focuses on environmental issues that can be considered and modeled in order to be included in all generalized plans. In this study, concentrations of CO, NO, TVOCs and SO were monitored periodically at various sampling sites. The study revealed that the concentration of air pollutants showed a high correlation with traffic flow and prevailing road gradients. The concentrations of SO2, NO2, CO and TVOCs were highly correlated to key traffic flow parameters, such as road gradient, vehicular speed and traffic volume.


Transport, Emission, Pollutant, Gradient, Speed, Traffic volume, Road gradient