Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Development of a New Truss Quadratic Quadrilateral Macro - Element


Moh'd El Khatieb; Hamid R. Abdulsalam Alani; Walid Hasan;


Macro-elements are one of the powerful means in reducing the number of equations to be solved in finite element analysis .In the proposed method, several finite truss elements will be transformed into a single element called the macro-element. This is done by equating the potential energy of the macro-element to the potential energy of the equivalent truss finite elements. If the order of the macro-element function corresponds to the order of the structural behavior it models, an exact solution is achieved. In this paper, a truss quadratic quadrilateral macro-element is developed. The developed macro-element was tested and the results were compared with the results of conventional finite element solutions. Excellent results were achieved with a substantial reduction in the number of equations.


Truss finite element, Quadratic quadrilateral macro-element.