Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Performance-based Optimum Retrofitting Design of Concrete Bridge Piers


Mohammad Alkhamis; Mohammad Reza Ghasemi; Azim Gholinezhad; Naser Shabakhty; Waleed Abdullah;


This paper presents a method to reduce the expenses of bridge piers retrofitting according to their performance. Performance-based engineering is the modern approach to earthquake resistant design, where the bridge pier performance is first evaluated, then concrete jacketing is utilized in order to attain the determined performance level. Bridge piers are analyzed using OpenSees software, in which the confining effect of concrete jacketing on the core concrete is odeled. Procedure A of ATC-40 code is incorporated in MATALAB programming software to calculate the performance point of piers. Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) method is used to get the optimum cost of retrofitting considering the limitations of ATC-40 for different performance levels by interaction of OpenSees and MATLAB software. Compared to an average non-violated design, an optimum solution with 54.8% cost reduction was suggested, complying with all the practical design criteria.


Bridge piers, Concrete jacket, Retrofitting, Pushover, Performance