Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Experimental Study on Light Weight Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes


Shehdeh Ghannam; Orabi Al-Rawi; Moh’d El-Khatieb;


Tests on steel tubular columns of rectangular and circular sections filled with normal and lightweight concrete were performed to investigate the behavior of such columns under axial loadings. Comparison between normal and lightweight concrete filled steel columns for different column cross-sections using Euro Code 4 and BS 5400 codes was also conducted. The test results showed that both types of filled columns failed due to overall buckling; while hollow steel columns failed due to local buckling at the ends. According to these results, further interest was taken onto the replacement of normal concrete by lightweight concrete due to its low specific gravity and thermal conductivity.


Composite columns, Steel columns, Tubular columns, Lightweight concrete, Normal concrete, Local buckling, Overall buckling