Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

The Behavior and Optimization Analysis of Double-row Piles in Different Forms


Yuenan Jiang; Runze Chen; Chengcheng Xu; Suola Shao;


As a foundation pit support, the double row piles can effectively control the soil deformation, improve the construction speed and reduce the project cost. The research on the double row vertical piles is general, while the reports about the inclined-vertical or vertical-inclined double row piles are rare. The inclined piles are able to convert part of the horizontal load into axial load. Consequently, the inclined pile is more superior to resist horizontal load. In this paper, the working behaviors of different forms of double row piles in sandy soil are investigated with the software of plaxis3D. The results show that the supporting effect of the inclined front row and inclined rear row is different, and the supporting effect is also affected by the inclined angle and inclined direction. The anti-overturning stabilities of different forms of double row piles are calculated and analyzed. It is concluded that the double row piles with the front row inclined and the rear row vertical have the better supporting effect. Finally, the inclined backward-vertical double row piles are optimized and analyzed, the design parameters such as row spacing, pile spacing and pile length are discussed.


Double row piles, Plaxis3D,Displacement,Bending moment,Anti-overturning stability