Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Predicting the Breach Hydrograph Resulting Due to Hypothetical Failure of Haditha Dam


Saleh I. Khassaf; Kareem R. Abeed; Layla A. Mohammed Saleh;


A hydrologic model is developed to compute the reservoir outflow hydrograph resulting from a hypothetical failure of Haditha dam located across the Euphrates river in Iraq due to enemy attack. In this program, the reservoir routing is analyzed by the level pool method in which storage is a nonlinear function of discharge. The results indicate that the maximum reservoir outflow is (202547 m3/s) which occurred about three and half hours after dam failure, and the reservoir will be depleted after about 65 hours. The results of the hydrologic model are compared with available results reported by Macdonald and Monopolis (1984), and it is found that the hydrologic results situate within the limits of their study.


Breach hydrograph, Hypothetical failure, Haditha dam