Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Effect of Nanosilica on Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Cement Mortar


J. M. Kaura; A. Lawan; I. Abubakar; A. Ibrahim;


Recently, nanomaterials (such as nanosilica) are receiving special attention because of their ability to improve the performance of concrete compared with traditional mineral admixtures. In this work, a number of specimens were prepared to study the behavior of cement mortar containing nanosilica. The cement replacement by nanosilica of 3% and 5% by weight of cement was used. The mechanical and microstructural properties of the specimens were investigated. An experimental result from literature was utilized to predict the transport of chloride into reinforced concrete structures modified with nanosilica using COMSOL multiphysics commercial package. The experimental results show that cement mortars containing nanosilica have higher strength than ordinary portland cement mortars. Also, the SEM images confirmed the improvement in the microstructure of mortar with nanosilica.


Cement mortar, Nanosilica, Compressive strength, Microstructure