Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

The Application of Marble and Granite as Building Materials in Jordan


Mousa Bani Baker;


Marble and granite rocks are very important in construction industry. Importing these materials to Jordan from other countries is expensive. This research aims at studying the physical and mechanical properties of Jordanian marble and granite which are widely used as building materials in construction industry in Jordan to ensure their compliance with the minimum construction requirements. Marble was tested for absorption, specific gravity, compressive strength, modulus of rupture, abrasion resistance and hardness. Results showed that Jordanian marble satisfies the minimum requirements as per ASTM C170, C99, C241 and Mohs scale. Specific gravity, absorption, flexural index, modulus of rupture and compressive strength properties were tested for Jordanian granite. The results revealed that the minimum requirements were achieved as per ASTM C97, C241, C880 and C99.


Jordanian marble, Granite, Metamorphic rocks, Compressive strength, Igneous rocks