Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Investigation of Collapse - Resisting Capacity of Braced Steel Moment Frames


Amin Khazaee; Yaser Mohamadi; Soleiman Ghoohestani;


In this paper, the probability of the occurrence of progressive collapse in three-story, six-story and nine-story steel buildings is evaluated. These three structures are designed based on common codes. According to the obtained results, it can be observed that the six-story and nine-story buildings cannot fulfill the acceptance criteria of UFC4-023-03 guideline. To enhance the collapse-resisting capacity of these buildings, steel braces are deployed. By performing non-linear static and dynamic analysis, it is induced that the presented retrofitting methods decrease the probability of the occurrence of progressive collapse. In addition, the displacements of the structures with a removed column are considerably reduced. In other words, the aforesaid buildings are able to satisfy the acceptance criteria of UFC guideline by utilizing the suggested retrofitting method.


Progressive collapse, Steel frames, Steel braces, Non-linear analysis