Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Productivity Improvement of Pre-cast Concrete Installation


Souma M. Alhaj Ali; Ayman A. Abu Hammad; Ghaleb J. Sweis; Murad S. Samhouri;


The production process of pre-cast concrete installation is analyzed to investigate possible ways for onsite productivity improvement. Although manufactured construction enjoys higher quality and productivity, it is observed that it suffers delays compared to site built construction. Delay causes and respective severity are analyzed for improvement. Firstly, the production process is investigated using the production delay model. Forty cycle data are used in the analysis. The comparative impact and severity are measured for five delay causes, namely: labor, environmental, management, equipment and material on overall system productivity. It is found via the production delay analysis that material, followed by equipment availability then labor were major contributors to system delay. Secondly, statistical analysis on the installation cycle time of three pre-cast component types is carried out, in order to insure whether the delay observed via the first step is attributed to variation of pre-cast pieces. The data used in step one above were not pertinent to product type; therefore, other 90 cycle data are utilized in the statistical analysis, which indicated high variability in cycle time due to product type. Improvement can be achieved through proper scheduling of project equipment and resources. In addition, improvement should target the reduction of installation cycle time variability due to product type.


Pre-cast concrete, Productivity, Construction operations, Method productivity delay model (MPDM)