Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Static Behavior of Strain Gauge Instrumented Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles


Dr.Anil Cherian;


The practice of using Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles in the Middle East construction industry has increased considerably in recent years. The rapidity and economy of CFA pile construction can provide great advantages to infrastructure projects and shallow ground conditions. In this article, the static behavior of strain gauge instrumented CFA pile in compression has executed in the Jebel Ali Container Terminal, Dubai to understand the pile performance and verification of the design. The test was carried out for four 1000mm diameter instrumented piles (namely PTP1, PTP2, PTP3, and PTP4) with a load ranging from 6010kN to 8820kN in the dense sand, sandstone, and calcareous siltstone formation. Vibrating wire waterproof robust sister bar strain gauges of 914 mm length, comprising four units at each level was installed on the test piles. The load transfer, skin friction, and settlement analysis were carried out to understand the soil-pile interaction performance of the piles. Reassessment of the initial pile design was carried out based on load test results with subsequent analysis, indicate that the pile lengths can be further reduced to provide a cost-effective solution for the shallow foundation construction industry in the region.


CFA Pile, Skin friction, Strain gauges, Settlement, Static, Foundation.