Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Spatial Distribution of Engineering Soil Properties in the Northern Region of the Dead Sea, Jordan


Abdulla A. Sharo; Osama K. Nusier; Fardous M. Rababah;


The main thrust of this research paper is to present a spatial distribution for the engineering soil properties in the northern region of the Dead Sea, Jordan, using Arc GIS (geographic information system). Also, this study aimed at recommending possible foundation type and depth of embedment of proposed structures within the study area to comfort engineers in conducting the intended preliminary geotechnical reports by offering GIS maps for the study area. This study was carried out in two stages, where data was collected from 222 boreholes and test pits were related to the existing engineering structures in the first stage and then geo-statistical interpolation was conducted using kriging GIS technique as a second stage. GIS maps, including standard penetration test (SPT) maps, cohesion maps, friction angle maps, bearing capacity maps and pile capacity maps, were extracted based on soil data collection, analysis and characterization of the study area at different depths. As a result, for map data extraction using GIS, maps for engineering soil properties and allowable bearing capacity at depths of 3m, 6m and 10m were created. Also, pile capacity maps were created for diameters of 305mm, 406mm and 610mm for piles of 10m and 15m lengths within the study area.


GIS, Soil properties, Spatial distribution, Zonation, Kriging.