Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Reinforcement of the Seismic Interaction of Soil-Damaged Piles-Bridge by Using Micropiles


Mohanad Talal Alfach;


This paper presents a three-dimensional numerical model of soil-damaged piles-bridge interaction under seismic loading. This study focuses on the effect of developing plastic hinges in piles’ foundation on the seismic behavior of the system. Several field investigations on seismic damages due to recent strong earthquakes have confirmed the decisive role of the plastic hinges in the piles in the seismic behavior of the system. In particular, this study is interested in evaluating the proposed approach for strengthening the system of soil-damaged pilesbridge. The proposed approach is based on using micropiles significantly promoting the flexibility and ductility of the system. This study was carried out using a three-dimensional finite differences’ modeling program (FLAC 3D). The results confirmed the considerable effect of developing concrete plasticity in the piles’ foundation, which reflects in changing the distribution of internal forces between the piles. Results show the efficiency of using micropiles as a reinforcement system. The detailed analysis of the micropiles’ parameters shows a slight effect of pile-micropile spacing. The use of inclined micropiles leads to attenuation of internal forces induced in the piles and the micropiles themselves.


Interaction, Piles, Concrete, Seismic design, Plasticity, Three-dimensional modeling, Micropiles