Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Gap Acceptance Behavior at U - turn Median Openings – Case Study in Jordan


Turki I. Al-Suleiman Obaidat; Mohammad S. Elayan;


U-turns have been considered among the most hazardous locations on highways. The maneuvering of the driver at these locations is quite complex and risky. The behavior of the driver when turning is governed by the gap acceptance concept. In this study, the driver’s gap acceptance behavior at U-turn median openings was studied. 4 U-turn median openings in Irbid City were investigated. Data was collected by video recording. Two models were developed in this study. The first model estimated the time gap accepted by the driver. The second model calculated the turning function, which was used to estimate the probability of accepting gaps. Results showed that male drivers tended to accept shorter gaps than female drivers. Also, younger drivers were more likely to accept shorter gaps than older ones. The waiting time was also found to affect the gap acceptance behavior of the drivers. Drivers tended to accept shorter gaps after longer waiting times.


U-turns, Gap acceptance, Driver’s behavior.