Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Thermal Conductivity and Impact Resistance of Concrete Using Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate with Rubber


Venu Malagavelli; Rajnish Singh Parmar; P.N. Rao;


A large number of studies, experiments and practical test projects have been undertaken throughout the world to assess the modifications in the properties of concrete after addition of rubber aggregates. These rubber aggregates are used to replace fine or coarse aggregates in various proportions. This experimental investigation attempts to study the strength properties and non-destructive evaluation of rubberized concrete with coarse aggregates being partially replaced with rubber aggregates from recycled tyres, in order to assess its suitability for use in structural and non-structural components. Effort was also made to determine the change in thermal properties. It was learnt that the inclusion of rubber in concrete makes the material a better thermal insulator, having a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity. This lower thermal conductivity is a property which could be very useful for meeting energy conservation requirements. Attempt was also made to assess the impact resistance of rubberized concrete. A marked improvement in this property was also observed.


Rubberized concrete, Compressive strength, Impact resistance, Thermal conductivity, Non-destructive evaluation