Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Experimental Evaluation of the Effects of Steel Fiber Percentage on the Mechanical Behavior of Reinforced SCC Beams Subjected to ATC-24 Loading Protocol


H. R. Tavakoli; Pedram Jalali; Sina Mahmoudi;


Beams containing steel fiber with different fractions (0.1%, 0.2% and 0.3% of volume ratio), as well as without fiber as reference beam, were fabricated and tested in the laboratory. Monotonic and cyclic loadings were applied to 12 specimens with different mix designs. Reinforcement details and constituents except for fraction of fiber were constant in all specimens. The loading protocol which specimens were subjected to was adapted from ATC-24 guideline. The results achieved from this investigation indicated that adding more fiber in concrete would improve load bearing capacity in the monotonic and cyclic behavior of the specimens. By increasing fraction of fiber in concrete, the amount of dissipated energy would increase.


Steel fiber, SCC beam, Cyclic loading, ATC-24 loading protocol, Dissipated energy