Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Safety Evaluation (Skid Resistance ) of Jordan’s National Highway Network


Majed Msallam; Ibrahim Asi; Dana Abudayyeh;


Highway safety is a major contributor to highway conditions. Highway agencies continually monitor this feature to ensure that roadway sections are operating at the highest possible level of safety. The principal measure of highway safety is its skid resistance. In this research, the portable skid resistance tester; British pendulum skid tester was used to perform nondestructive tests (NDTs) to measure the skid resistance of almost all the primary and secondary highways in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This is the first time that such a study was performed on a national scale for pavement evaluation with an ultimate objective to develop the maintenance management system for roads in Jordan. The survey included 38 test locations at primary and secondary highways across the Kingdom. The skid resistance measurements were performed on the right slow lane; the truck lane. The obtained skid resistance survey results showed that 66% of the tested roads have skid resistance levels lower than the minimum acceptable levels. Since only about one third of Jordan’s national highway network has acceptable surface skid resistance levels, it is recommended that serious actions and maintenance plans be taken to improve road safety in Jordan.


Pavement performance, Pavement maintenance, Road safety, Skid resistance, Portable skid resistance tester, British pendulum skid tester