Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Mechanical properties of slab ballastless track subjected to combined effects of loading and temperature


Guowen Yao; Anxiang Song; Shiya Li Shiya Li; Rui Zhou; Gaofeng Zhang;


In this paper, a 1:4 scaled-down model of a ballastless track-bridge was produced and placed in a large-size environmental chamber to carry out temperature-load coupled cyclic loading tests. The results showed that no cracks were observed on the surface of the track structure after 1000000 cycles of loading, and the structural workability and load capacity met the service requirements. In the middle of the temperature-load coupling test, the load-displacement curves of the structural system had intervals, and the static deflection values increased more significantly. The dynamic deflection of the structural system under the coupling action had a more significant growth rate and a more abrupt change compared with the single load and it can be seen that the ambient temperature had an amplification phenomenon on the deflection of the structural system. The process of strain value change in the track structure showed a significant nonlinearity, and the temperature had an amplifying effect on the phenomenon. The dynamic response test results pointed out that the inherent frequency of the track structure was negatively correlated with the ambient temperature, further illustrating the importance of temperature on the stability of the track structure.


CRTS II slab ballastless track; Temperature-load coupling; Mechanical properties; Dynamic response