Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Utilization of Brown Clay and Cement for Stabilization of Clay


Seyedesmaeil Mousavi; Wong Leong Sing;


This paper investigates the utilization of brown clay and cement in order to stabilize soft clay. Brown clay mixed with a suitable amount of cement paste is capable to impart filler and pozzolanic effect. Therefore, the mechanical behavior of the soil would be improved. Treatment of fine grained soils with cement is not novel. While stabilization of fine grained soil with brown clay has not been completely investigated, this paper attempts to assess the mechanical behavior of treated soil with cement and brown clay. Laboratory investigations include direct shear, vane shear, unconfined compression and CBR tests which were applied on the test specimens. In addition, laboratory compaction test was performed to supply the soil specimens with optimum moisture content and maximum dry density. The outcome of the study is an optimal mix design of stabilized clay, which can be applied to improve soft clay. For the optimal mix design, binder composition of cement 8.5%, brown clay 1.5%, silica sand 5% was obtained. Therefore, input cement can be saved due to partial replacement of ordinary Portland cement with 1.5% brown clay.


Stabilized clay, Silica sand, Brown clay, Highway construction, Vane shear