Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Elastic Buckling Solution of SCSC Rectangular Plates under Intermediate and End Uniaxial Loads


Magdy Salama;


This paper is concerned with a new buckling problem of a rectangular plate subjected to combined uniaxial loads. The plate considered has two clamped edges parallel to the load direction, while the other opposite edges are simply supported (SCSC) and subjected to intermediate and end uniaxial loads. The analysis of the plate under study is performed using Rayleigh-Ritz approach and the results are examined using finite element method. The Rayleigh-Ritz approach depends on the assumed deflection function, which satisfies exactly the end conditions and is capable of representing the deflected plate surface. The analysis furnishes an approximate stability solution, presented in curves describing the relation between the ratio of the intermediate load to the end load, the aspect ratio and the location of the intermediate load. These results can be used simply to design plates or walls that have to support intermediate floors/loads. The results of the buckling factor obtained by energy technique and the finite element method are compared also in this paper.


Stability, Rectangular plates, Intermediate load, Elastic analysis, Finite element, Rayleigh-Ritz approach