Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Development of Building Information Modeling (BIM )-based Real-time Fire Alert System to Reduce Fire Impact in Bangladesh


Md. Abu Safayet; Mizanoor Rahman; S.M. Asif Anam;


In recent days, architectural circumstances are continuously changing as high-rise buildings, complex and confined spaces are frequently constructed in Bangladesh. Fire calamities are getting more diverse and difficult to predict. In Bangladesh's present practice, unless anyone makes a phone call to the fire station, it does not get information about the outbreak of fire. At the same time, people are rushing out of the building and experiencing accidents, because they don’t know where the fire is. That’s why the damage is increasingly high day by day. The purpose of this research is to build an automated real-time fire alert system using BIM to solve this issue in the context of Bangladesh. The BIM-based fire alert system is applied to a prototype building project to verify the proposed methodology and demonstrate its effectiveness in the fire alert system. The results of this study demonstrate the feasibility of integrating a fire alert system into BIM as an effective and practical method for detecting fire and sending notifications to the intended recipient (owner, control room or fire station). Furthermore, people can see the actual location of the fire in the building plan by using an Android cell phone or display monitor from anywhere through the server. The findings of this study will help save people's precious lives and mitigate heavy damage due to fire incidents.


Building information modeling (BIM), Automated fire alert technology, Fire notification system, Bangladesh.