Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Performance Evaluation of Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) Using Geopolymer As an Asphalt Modifier


Ahmad Nazrul Hakimi Ibrahim; Amar Syafudin Ahmad; Norliza Moh’d Akhir; Muhamad Nazri Borhan;


Nowadays, the knowledge of mechanism controlling the alkali activation process is considerably advanced, especially in pavement engineering, but there are still many things to be investigated. In this study, the mechanism controlling highly alkaline solution (NaOH and Na2SiO3) and fly ash was discussed and the essential aspects of the performance of SMA mixture through geopolymerization process were investigated. Virgin asphalt of 80/100 penetration grade and asphalt modified with geopolymer at four different modification levels; namely, 0%, 1%, 2% and 3%, respectively, by the weight of the asphalt, were used in this study. Two aggregate gradations were selected for this study; namely, SMA14 and SMA20. The experimental test was conducted to evaluate the performance of these new mixtures in terms of resilient modulus and permanent deformation (static creep and dynamic creep). The results showed that geopolymer modified SMA mixture with 3% of geopolymer is applicable.


Geopolymer, Stone mastic asphalt (SMA), Fly ash, Modified asphalt, Resilient modulus, Permanent deformation