Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

A Study on Correlation between Safety Factor of Pile-Slope Systems and Seismically Induced Displacements of Pile Groups


H. Hajimollaali; H. Elahi; M. Sabermahani;


This paper presents a study on the seismic behavior of pile groups located in soil slopes that are also known as pile-slope systems. The main objective of the present study is to explore a reasonable and practical correlation between the safety factor of soil slope and seismic lateral displacements of pile groups in the slope, in order to achieve a better understanding and a framework for seismic analysis and design of pile groups in soil slope. To this end, a parametric study based on 3D numerical analysis for a number of pile groups in soil slopes under different conditions has been carried out to investigate the seismic behavior of pile-slope systems. Some findings and conclusions are drawn that are intended to provide insight into the seismic behavior of pile-slope systems.


Pile group, Soil slope, Pile-slope system, Seismic behavior, Pseudo-static safety factor