Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

Effect of Temperature on Carrying Capacity of Concrete Columns Confined with Multi -layers of CFRP


Manar Takla; Ihssan Tarsha;


FRP-reinforced polymers are widely accepted for use in civil engineering applications to strengthen constructions and apply confinement on concrete columns, thereby increasing their ductility and increasing their carrying capacity, as these materials are characterized by high tensile strength, high strength-to-weight ratio and high corrosion resistance,… etc. In addition, the exposure of reinforced concrete structures to fire is one of the most dangerous challenges that lead to great destruction and structural failure in addition to loss of life. With the development of computer simulation theories to study the behavior of elements and structures under the influence of different loads (static, dynamic, thermal,… etc.), it is possible to study the behavior of concrete columns under the influence of axial vertical and non-axial structural loads and compare the results with those of previous research, thus saving time, effort and cost instead of laboratory testing. Strengthening concrete columns with fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs) has been studied extensively, but the majority of published studies have focused on circular columns. Most concrete columns in the field have square or rectangular cross-sections and resist eccentric loading as well. The objective of this study is to investigate the performance of square reinforced concrete (RC) columns, wrapped with carbon FRP subjected to elevated temperature; so, in this paper, an analytical study was conducted using the ANSYS Workbench program, which follows the finite element method, to determine the effect of layer number of CFRP on carrying capacity of concrete columns and to study the effect of external standard fire on concrete columns confined with CFRP. The numerical results were compared with experimental results as far as possible. The study revealed the accuracy of analytical models when compared to experimental studies. The results have shown that with increasing the layer number of CFRP, the carrying capacity of concrete columns will increase, with no benefit of increasing the number of CFRP layers to be more than 4, where polymer materials are sensitive to fire so that they need insulation.


Confinement, CFRP, Concrete columns, External fire, Carrying capacity, ANSYS Workbench