Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

A Suggested Solution to Improve the Traditional Construction Planning Approach


Modar Saad; Shukri Baba; Omar Amoudi;


Construction Project Planning, as one of the key processes in the project lifecycle, shapes the empirical foundation of the project success and plays a primary role in optimizing and managing construction operation. Dependence on the traditional techniques and documents in construction planning and scheduling still faces numerous difficulties and obstacles. Recently, research efforts have tried to enhance planning capabilities with improved and even new methods and techniques. This paper reviews the current planning techniques utilized in the construction industry, inspects the current construction planning approach challenges and suggests an integrated solution for better construction plans. This research paper is divided into three main stages. In the first stage, a comprehensive literature review was conducted to identify the construction planning processes, construction planning techniques and the major limitations and challenges facing the current planning process. Then, a survey was carried out in order to verify the construction planning challenges found throughout the literature review. Based on the extracted facts from the survey, the suggestions were introduced as an integrated approach starting from adopting new project delivery methods toward using improved planning techniques.


Construction planning, Building Information Modeling (BIM), 4-D modeling